A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved

by Dave Hunt (Author)

Table of Contents: 1. Why This Book? 2. An Issue of Great Importance 3. Aggressive Promotion 4. A Calvinist's Honest Doubts 5. A Victim of Subtle Deception? 6. Something Almost Diabolical 7. "Hyper-Calvinism"? What's That? 8. On the Brink of Atheism 9. Confronted by God's Love 10. Hell: Whose Choice? 11. To God Be the Glory! 12. Calvinism's Last Stand

Debating Calvinism

The Berean Call Ministry

Calvinism has been a topic of intense discussion for centuries. In this lively debate, two passionate thinkers take opposite sides, providing valuable responses to the most frequently asked questions about Calvinism. Only you can decide where you stand on questions that determine how you think about your salvation.

Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views

by Dave Hunt (Author), James White (Author)

A centuries-old belief system is put to the test as two prominent authors examine and debate the subject of Calvinism from opposing viewpoints. James White, author of The Potter's Freedom, takes the Calvinist position. Dave Hunt, author of What Love Is This, opposes him. The exchange is lively and at times intense as these two articulate men wrestle over what the Scriptures tell us about God's sovereignty and man's free will. This thought-provoking, challenging book provides potent responses to the most frequently asked questions about Calvinism

Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views

By: Dave Hunt James White

A centuries-old belief system is put to the test as two prominent authors examine the validity of Calvinism. White takes the point position; Hunt, the counterpoint. The familiar debate format features affirmative and denial statements concerning the Reformer's teachings on God's sovereignty and man's free will; followed by response, defense, and final remarks from the principals. Lively! 450 pages, softcover from Multnomah.

Honest Doubts

The Berean Call Ministry

Discover the heart of a Calvinist "seeker"—and the surprising result of his quest for truth in this fictionalized but true-to-life dialogue: A Calvinist's Honest Doubts — Resolved by Reason and God's Amazing Grace. This friendly, inexpensive paperback is enjoyable to read and great to give away.

Predestined for Hell by John R Rice


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Does God predestine some men to Hell? Are there some who can never be saved, born to be damned by God's own choice? This is the teaching of Calvinism, a philosophy taught by John Calvin. The controversy of predestination is still alive today. Does the Bible really teach this? Dr. Rice gives this a thorough examination. Point by point he shows the fallacy of this teaching and exposes this radical heresy. As with all heresies, the theory of Calvinism is man-made and collapses under an honest study of the Scriptures.

Tulip and the Bible

The Berean Call Ministry

Thousands of readers have been wonderfully and powerfully influenced by Dave Hunt’s authoritative, 590-page hardcover treatise on Calvinism, What Love Is This? but many have asked for a more concise analysis of “reformed” theology.

T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible: Comparing the Works of Calvin to the Word of God

T.U.L.I.P. one petal at a time—exposing each of Calvin’s five points to the light of Scripture as a workman “rightly dividing the word of truth.” With reformed theology and reconstructionism enjoying a recent resurgence among young adult ministries and across denominational boundaries, TBC is pleased to offer this long-awaited resource at an attractive price for owning, sharing, and giving

Chosen But Free: A Balanced View Of God's Sovereignty And Free Will by Norman Geisler

If God is in control of human destiny, why does he hold us responsible for our choices? It's a quandary as old as theology itself. Now updated with new chapters, Geisler's popular resource offers a balanced biblical perspective on the debate between God's sovereignty (Calvinism) and human free will (Arminianism)---and a rebuttal to other viewpoints.

Why I Am Not a Calvinist by Jerry Walls Am-Not-Calvinist/dp/0830832491 project/why-i-am-not-a- calvinist/

What’s wrong with Calvinism? Since the Reformation, Calvinism has dominated much of evangelical thought. It has been so well established that many Christians simply assume it to be the truest expression of Christian doctrine. But Calvinism has some serious biblical and theological weaknesses that unsettle laypeople, pastors and scholars alike. God is sovereign. All evangelical Christians–whether Arminians or Calvinists–have no doubt about this fundamental truth. But how does God express his sovereignty? Is God a master puppeteer, pulling our strings? Or has he graciously given his children freedom to respond to his love? In this eminently readable book, Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell explore the flaws of Calvinist theology. Why I Am Not a Calvinist is a must-read for all who struggle with the limitations of this dominant perspective within evangelical theology.

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